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Greg Halbach has over 25 years of fly-fishing and wilderness experience.  Born in the trout-less wasteland of Tucson, Arizona, Greg’s passion for fishing and love of wild places sent him in search of trout from an early age, from Arizona’s White Mountains, to the famous (and not-so-famous) trout streams of Colorado, Idaho, and Montana. While fly fishing has always been a central focus, over many years spent outdoors he’s developed keen interests in a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, backpacking, birding, and floating rivers whenever he can. But the pull towards Alaska was strong, and for the last decade he and his wife Jennie have called the 49th state home.

Greg started his guiding career as fly fishing guide on the Tsiu River in 2012. After 5 seasons guiding out of a lodge, he was inspired to start Remote Waters in 2017, with the goal of offering guided float trips to some of Alaska’s most remote destinations. 

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For its not the same river and he’s not the same man - Heraclitus

My first fly-out float trip changed how I wanted to approach guiding in Alaska. Working out of a lodge, the fishing was top notch, but there was a repetitiveness to the experience that left me a little unsatisfied. It felt like we were catching a glimpse of what the Alaskan wilderness had to offer, but not fully immersing ourselves in it. In ten days on the Kisaralik River, I that immersion for the first time—heavy winds, low water levels, and rented equipment created challenges and lessons learned, but none of that marred the incredible feeling of slipping into the rhythm of the river. No retreat to a lodge with its humming generator or satellite internet, just riding along while the river revealed new wilderness around each bend. 

Ever since that trip, my goal has been to introduce people to that same immersive feeling, where time and rigid schedules fall away. I cherish my role helping people establish a meaningful connection with the natural world, whether it happens when they step into an Arctic river as clear as it is cold, in that brief moment when they have a wild fish in their hand before it disappears back into the current, when they spot a rare bird, or when they glimpse a caribou in a landscape they’ve only imagined. Those types of experiences are almost impossible to predict, and equally impossible to forget.


Remote Waters is a small operation, and that provides us with the opportunity to tailor our trips to suit your group.

Please contact us with any questions you have about the trips, or just to talk fishing!  Please email us or call (907) 717-6073.

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