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At Remote Waters, crafting wilderness trips to meet the interests and goals of our guests is what we’re all about.

In a sense, every one of our trips is a custom trip. We start with the same basic outline for each trip, but we don’t fill in the details until you, our guest, fill us in on exactly what you are looking for. We may take one group down the Kobuk that is gung-ho to catch as many sheefish as possible, and then the next week, we’re poking into every back eddy and slough, trying to get amazing photos of wildlife and scenery. Tailoring our trips to the wide variety of interests that people have means that every trip reveals something a little different about the places we guide. And that ensures our guests return home with incredible memories, and the best possible experience we can deliver.


Unfortunately, we can only offer so pre-designed trips each year. Permitting and air taxi schedules require a good deal of advance planning, and we try to prioritize places that we are confident people will want to go. But there are so many places to explore up here in Alaska. And so many different ways to go about that exploration. At Remote Waters, we’re partial to exploring the wildest parts of Alaska via the rivers and lakes that male possible travel through otherwise difficult terrain. And that will always be a core part of almost every one of our outings. 


So if you’ve finally decided it is time to trek north for an Alaskan adventure, but just can’t quite find a trip that fits what you’re looking for, send give us a call or send us an email. Take advantage not only of our skills in the field, but also our experience working out the small logistical details that can be the difference between a cool trip to Alaska, and a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never stop talking about.


We always have wish list of trips we’d love to try. A week of kayaking through icebergs and camping on islands in Vitus Lake, the terminus of the Bering Glacier, the largest in North America? We’re in. Searching for Arctic char and Dolly Varden in a river in Alaska’s far northwest coast, maybe the most remote part of the state? We’ve already got the rods rigged and ready to go. Or countless other places in the 900 miles in between, where it can be easier to find a bear than a bootprint.


Ready for an adventure? So are we.

Already have plans for 2023?

It’s not too late to lay the groundwork for your 2024 adventure! Planning well in advance means there is a better chance of finding bush flights that match up perfectly with your schedule. Give us a shout and let us know you’re interested. And remember, we offer fully customized trips too!


Remote Waters is a small operation, and that provides us with the opportunity to tailor our trips to suit your group.

Please contact us with any questions you have about the trips, or just to talk fishing!  Please email us or call (907) 717-6073.

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